Liquid Air Self Contained Breathing

Ten man mine refuge alternative (chamber) being tested with the Cryogenic Rescue Alternative Supply System.

Liquid Air Breathing Technology
Current Projects

Present efforts are involved with the design, development,
and testing of cryogenic based life-support systems to enhance
mine safety. This work is being performed in partnership with BCS Life Support who holds a Space Act Agreement with NASA which is funded by the National Institutes of Occupational Safety And Health (NIOSH).

Current Projects:

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Cryogenic Breathing Apparatus

- 2 hour duration
- For miners escape
- Miners can self-refill
- Positive pressure, demand breathing


Image Credit: NASA/Daniel Casper
Cryogenic Refuge Alternative Supply System


- Provides 96 hrs of breathing air to a mine refuge chamber
- Provides active cooling
- Dehumidifies chamber air
- Employs zero loss liquid air storage technology

Image Credit: NASA/Daniel Casper
Cryogenic Air Supply
Fill Station

- Refills CryoBA during egres
- Simultaneous filling of 8 packs
- Located approximately every 1:30 on egress path
- Employee zero-loss liquid air stogare technology

Image Credit: NASA/Daniel Casper
Liquid Oxygen Rebreather

- 4 hour duration
- Significantly reduced breathing circuit temperature
- Technology development in collaboration with U.S. Navy