Liquid Air Self Contained Breathing

Cryogenic Rescue ALternative Supply System (mine rescue chamber) Air Handler Box under test.

Density (at STP): 54.7lbs/ft3 or 1.93lbs/liter
Boiling Point (at STP): -318ºF
Stored in dewar (insulated tank) at low pressure
Stored for long periods using Zero-Loss storage technology
Typical liquid expansion ratio to gas = 728:1
Create liquid air at any mixture (oxygen/nitrogen) by:
   - Mixing liquid oxygen and nitrogen
   - Supercooling filtered, dry atmospheric air

Can convert liquid air to supercritical (gaseous) air by moderate
pressure increase. Density remains 54 lbs/ft3.

Characteristics of
Cryogenic Air

Mollier Chart describes behavior of air based on pressure, temperature, and enthalpy. Ref: Wikipedia